How to Pronounce Suvarnabhumi

Suvarnabhumi = BKK, one of the international airports in Bangkok. Many English speaking expats call it ‘Swampy’. That may be less than useful when communicating with a taxi driver which is important because Bangkok has two airports.

The following is from a Thorntree thread with the same subject as this post. Each > is from a post in the original thread. It contains both the correct pronunciation and some comedy, so keep reading.


>So-ya- wanna-boom


>Agree with Joy16: Su-wanna-POOM

>I prefer su-wan-na.

Is that poom as in boot, or poom as in book?

>Mr. Poom ran over my leg with his ####’n car!
I wanna sue Poom!
soo wan na phuum

>the first three syllables run together almost as one – su’wanna-poom. Capt-C – it’s poom as in room



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