Vietnam Itinerary

Trying to travel with less planning than usual (described here) caused motivation to do any planning to dissipate. I’ve done the essential long lead stuff but the rest has just slipped away. Departure date is now within weeks instead of months, motivation returned and I have a plan.

Fly Bangkok to Hanoi.
Next day fly to Da Nang, then taxi to Hoi An.
Eight nights spread between Hoi An and Hue.
Fly to Da Lat (don’t have ticket yet).
After ? nights, bus to Nha Trang.
After ? nights, train to Qui Nohn.
[Optional ? nights in Quang Ngai].
After ? nights, train to Da Nang.
[Optional ? nights in Hue or Hoi An].
Fly to Hanoi.
Next day fly to Bangkok.

Wondering why I’m backtracking to Hanoi and not flying home from Ho Chi Minh City? Original trip plan was to go no farther south than Hoi An, spend more time in Hanoi and go to Sapa in the northwest. Entering and exiting the country from Hanoi made sense. Still could do that but it looks less attractive than the above itinerary.

If you don’t see a trip map below, use this link.

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