Vendors Never Forget

Took off the helmet, swapped sunglasses for glasses, locked the seat then turned and stepped out of the road. I’d stopped in front of a restaurant I’d tried twice last year. It was the middle of the afternoon. The staff was hanging out in the front of the open air shop. Recognized one woman, the boss lady. She stood up, smiled and said I’d been there 3 times last year but long time no see. I smiled, said there were many restaurants, turned and walked to my destination.

One of the side effects of being a business computer programmer is building databases to learn new programming languages. It’s easier to get motivated if the database might be something I’d keep using. That’s the main reason I have a record of where I’ve eaten going back to Oct 1, 2010, a database I created when learning Python. I keep using it because of the query that shows the number of days since I’ve been to a place. Given my memory and the size of Hua Hin’s tourist industry I’d forget about places I liked without the query.

The lady was right. I visited three times last year, once each in Jan, Feb and March.


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