Does Your Local Thai Restaurant Serve This?

Seen this mostly at places with few or no foreigner customers. No idea what it’s called because I can’t read Thai. I call it Fish and Fiber.

The combo of fish, rice and shrimp paste is pretty good but the veggies are forgettable. I order it only when it’s been too long since I ate more than a trivial amount of vegetables.

Starting at the end of the spoon handle and going clockwise, this version contains: 3 blanched vegetables – cabbage, baby corn, long beans, fried whole fish, a sort of egg foo young containing nothing but greens, 4 raw vegetables – cukes, long beans, ginger and eggplant, another fish & foo young. Hiding behind the shrimp paste cup is hard boiled egg.

Never tried the ginger or wanted more than a couple bites of eggplant. Raw long beans are more exercise than they’re worth.


4 Responses to Does Your Local Thai Restaurant Serve This?

  1. Adrian says:

    Oh YUK Bill, you’ll eat any damn thing it seems!

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      Almost anything. Still haven’t tried durian. Zero interest in anything that is eaten with its GI tract intact , e.g. worms, insects.

  2. Mike says:

    The fish looks good but isnt the raw ginger really hot and strong ?

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