Where to Next?

Next, as in after the Vietnam trip. Discovered a few days ago a friend shares interest for a trip in and around Vientiane, Laos. That’s a week trip for March.

I want to get out of town for May, the hottest month In Hua Hin. Rest of SE Asia is also hot then, though Bali is a semi-appealing option. The urge is to look farther afield. Why? Why not. Remember, I’m trying not to suppress travel whim and have been bitten hard by the travel bug. That could be an expensive combo but it could be a great adventure (relative to my recent lack of adventure).

Kyoto, Japan? Wanted to visit Japan since we studied it in 5th grade. (Years later I realized it was the only individual country we studied in grade school besides the US of A. Was that selective memory or had I been the recipient of a local, statewide or national plan to counter the assumed racism of our WWII era parents?) Why Koyto? It’s Koyto. And the first place in Japan that came to mind.

Italy? Spent 5 nights in Rome during May of 1986 on my only trip to Europe. Swore I’d return to Italy. Not to do the standard tourist sights or follow the backpacker trails. Nope, I want to make landfall in southern Italy after the onset of Spring and eat my way north, traveling from non-tourist town to non-tourist town in daily short hops, preferably by small motorcycle. I’d learn 500 words in Italian to make better connection with the locals and to make life easier on me in the small towns. A small motorbike would facilitate photography because I don’t walk up and down hills like I used to. Touch the Alps then fly home from Milan, preferably after spotting models in the wild.

So, am I whimsical enough to buy a tickets to and from Italy after researching it for an hour or two? Maybe thrown in a layover day in Abu Dhabi or Bangalore just for the hell of it? Easy to get a 3 month tourist visa for Italy. Go for a month or leave the return open ended? If I’ve seen, done and eaten enough of Italy (as if that were possible) the rest of Europe begins with an overnight train ride.


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