US-nose Combo Pack

In both Thailand and the Philippines girls and young women told me they wanted my nose. Some ever offered to trade. One wanted to borrow it. In a region where most health and beauty products skin products are available in a version that promises whiter skin, it didn’t surprise me when I spotted this in the 20 baht store:


2 Responses to US-nose Combo Pack

  1. Hi there. . .
    I am Married to a beautiful Filipina and now that I am retired, live in the Philippines in the house I built in Carosucan Norte, Asingan, Pangasinan. That is about 7 hours of driving North of Manila.

    The Ladies here can not understand when I tell them that an American woman would pay just about anything to have the gorgeous Olive tone skin they want so bad to make white. My wife wanted to have white skin till I took her to New York for the first time (Many years ago) and all the women fawned over her about her soft Olive skin tone.

    She also wanted the “American Nose”. I brought that to an end when I told her that if she changed the shape of her beautiful nose I was going leave. I love her for who she is not what she thinks she could make herself into.

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