Monkeys Steal Water Bottles

Took a half day trip to see the summer palace of King Rama 4. Warnings about monkeys, both verbal and written, were given multiple times between parking lot and exiting the cable car after the ride up the mountain. I’d seen them eyeing people’s stuff, fighting in the trees, chasing each other and sometimes walking defiantly up to people. After passing a vendor selling water and other drinks my friend commented that she’d seen monkeys with water bottles in the trees.

A minute later I saw several monkeys, including some tiny ones, playing in this structure on top of a stairway pillar.

The dark interior and white exterior dictated manual exposure. I was fumbling with the EV adjustment, changing position as the monkeys scrambled in and around the structure. Everything except photography fell out of awareness – until I heard water striking the walkway beside me. I sidestepped, then looked up expecting to find a monkey with a water bottle. He didn’t have a bottle and that wasn’t water. Missed me, but not by much.

Oh well, you know the old saying: Monkey pee, monkey doo.


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