Vietnam – Misc. Notes Part 1

Ever think about how hard it might be to find dental floss in a tourist district where there are no 7-Elevenss, or anything like them?

After multiple interactions female Vietnamese clerks seem more friendly than Thais. Definitely warmer and less just going through the motions.

Marked prices, in general, are ridiculous. When asked about the prices of items that are not marked (which is just about everything), their response is usually equally ridiculous. Tell them a price and if the response isn’t close, move on. Easy to do because similar type shops all sell the same stuff.

‘Mixed vegetables’ is cabbage and onions unless I ask first. Then it’s often mostly cabbage and onions.

Don’t select an open air bar or restaurant near a corner unless you like vehicle horns.

Based on studying two different taxi drivers between Da Nang and Hoi An, car drivers use their horn as if their own vehicle was made of glass. They beep twice to warn any time any vehicle is or could be on an intersecting course, more beeps if the danger is imminent. In between they honk for unknown reasons. When maneuvering their vehicle in a way that makes other drivers give the same sort of warning honk, the taxi drivers acted as if their car was made of something indestructible, ignoring all horns except air horns on trucks and buses.


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