About That Scenic Train Ride Between Da Nang and Hue

There are three routes between Da Nang and Hue, the train which follows and coast occasionally rising into the mountains, the pass road and the tunnel road. Plan was and is to take the train north and the pass road south. Was pleased to have a a window seat on the best side of the train, so I thought this could be good, despite the weather. Then I noticed the window.

Windex Needed

Brought a snack for the ride. Tray table didn’t help my appetite:

Dirty Tray

Train conditions and ride was fine. Seats were adquate. Based on the online pictures I thought a night in one of the seats would be more comfortable than a day in one of the sleep cars. Still seems that way. Photo of a ‘soft seat’ car going through a tunnel:

Train Interior

Everyone’s luggage fit into the overhead. The later one got on the car the more one needed adjusting previously placed luggage to make it all fit. No one had any problem with moving their luggage or letting it be moved. There were plenty of helping hands for the heavier bags.

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