Vietnam – Misc. Notes Part 2

Ways of dealing with the rain observed in Hue.

Neither rain nor puddles nor cold of day will stop a young Vietnamese woman from wearing high heels.

Do vehicles come closer to pedestrians when it’s not raining? If yes: Yikes!

Two types of cheap ponchos are widely available. The 10k VND ($1 USD) one is so thin it seems it would fall apart in hours. The thicker one is 20k. I chose the latter. The hood split open on day two despite having used it on one short walk when I forget my hat.  Tossed it in the trash this morning.

The local’s ponchos are solidly built, necessary to withstand the battering from use on a motorbike. There are special ponchos for use on motorbikes. Seen ones with two hoods. Much more common is the type with a clear plastic window for the headlight or, if during the day, so a kid can see. Many two-ups use a poncho made for one. Some of those back riders talk with the rider, making him look like he has a second head growing out of his shoulder.

Had 2.5 hours to kill and a plan for killing them between checking out of hotel and transport to Da Nang airport today. Murphy’s Law kicked in, turning the steady drizzle into get-wet-crossing-the-street type rain. After the trip I should check if there’s a rain cover made specifically for my backpack.


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