Dalat Central Market

I expected a variety of fruits and vegetables because of the mountain climate.  Was surprised at at how good they looked.  Unfortunately I forgot my good camera so will have to go back for good raw food porn shots.  There was a variety of dry goods vendors at the market, selling everything from wool hats to home hardware but the flora and fauna are the stars.

Finding the market was not easy, even with a decent map, what with all the winding roads with frequent intersections and small roads not on the map.  Problem was the street names on the map didn’t correspond to the road signs or building addresses.  Turns out the Vietnamese like shortening long names.  Map said the street I thought the street I was on was named ‘3 Thang 2’.  Signs indicated I was on Duong 3/2 .  Wasn’t until I saw a business sign that listed their street address as #42 Duong 3 Thang 2 that the map popped and I knew where I was.

First two photos edited from this morning’s wandering.

Dalat Market Side Street


Chicken Feet

Reminded me of the phrase “Voting with your feet.”


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