Cross Cultural Humor

One of my pleasant expat discoveries was that my sense of humor could adapt to different cultures.  English word play was useless as expected.  Doesn’t mean the urge to use it went away quickly.

Nope, it hung around until physical humor replaced it as my first instinct. Describing such humor seems next to useless except when there is a photo of the prop used.

As I approached this door I saw a young woman inside waiting attentively to greet me.  I put my hands 4″ from the glass, aligned with the green outlines then keep them aligned as the door slid apart. Result was a giggle followed by a sparkling and musical ‘Good morning, Sir’.

This could be an opportunity to write something about how any two cultures that can laugh at the same things have a decent chance of understanding each other. But I just like making young women laugh.


2 Responses to Cross Cultural Humor

  1. topiclessbar says:

    Nice post. I’m in Korea and it’s a bit difficult to get a laugh. It’s super exciting though when I meet a Korean person who can speak English well enough to understand I’m making a joke…laughter is not necessarily required.

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