Eighth Choice for Dinner

Walked 1 block north and 1 block west to eat at a place I’d scoped out on a walk last night. Their power was off. Went to the 2 nearby alternatives but both were full. Went south toward a known area, checking the menu in front of each restaurant I passed. Rejected them all based only on their menus: too big (rule of thumb is the more items on a menu they less they do well), breakfast & drinks only?!, Russian language menu, way too cute descriptions of too expensive food and then Bingo:

Menu 1
Nothing too unusual here.

Menu 2
What the? Hua Hin only has one kind of fresh squid.

Menu 3
OK, this is getting weird.

Knee high table

I’ve had sandwiches on the tiny seats and tables used at sidewalk places but this was the first full meal using dollhouse sized furniture. It’s weird dodging one’s knees to get to the food.


2 Responses to Eighth Choice for Dinner

  1. Adrian says:

    Well, I’m not sure which town you’re in Bill, but the menu and small furniture are not at all encouraging for me!

    Will you really eat ANYTHING?

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      I’m in Nha Trang, home of the largest Munchkin population in Vietnam. Kidding. The tiny tables and stools are usually only seen at sidewalk vendors catering to Vietnamese customers. The ones shown above are actually larger than the ones at the sidewalk stands. Restaurants aimed at tourists have conventional sized tables and chairs.

      I won’t eat anything, but will try most things. Not very often have I spit out a first bite. Usually after that I try a second for confirmation though some things were too weird or too hot for me.

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