Vietnam – Misc. Notes Part 4

I’m not the only one hanging out in the shade, enjoying the breeze while people watching with a non-alcoholic drink.  Interesting to talk with those guys.   The drinkers are the usual assholes, BSers and opinionated ranters I routinely avoid.

Long skinny country so many travel the same path. Most of the people I talk to in any town are either just from or about to go to the last town I was in.

Way, way, way more variety of tourists than what passes through HH.

Many French speaking tourists. At The Citadel in Hue at least half of the caucasians spoke french. I wonder if the cold drizzle kept others away that day.

How can one (not how should one) approach travel in a country known for its ripoffs and scams not to let it detract from one’s enjoyment? Prepped and guarded or clueless and open? Start guarded, transition to open and aware? Acknowledge it’s only money so exchange cash for experiences and stories? Stay home and read other’s stories or live your own?

Was milling around during a 30 minute rest stop on the bus ride. Man touched my arm, pointed to my bag of cookies. I hate it when beggars touch. Not many beggars in Hua Hin and they don’t touch.

If moto taxi and cyclo (pedal powered tricycle) drivers can read me well enough to leave me alone when I’m walking and fresh and yet everyone calls out when I’m walking and starting to feel tired, why can’t all the other vendors see that I want them to fuck off? Vendor harassment isn’t a problem. They leave if ignored. I’m just wondering.

WiFi: Windows vs Linux. Windows by a mile. More connections, fewer drops and faster speed on the same WiFi sources. Yes, I’m geeky enough to reboot just to test the difference.


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