Go Someplace Less Hot in May?

It’s hot now but it’s also the windiest time of the year so it’s OK.  May will be just plain hot.  I’ve looked into going someplace for May but nothing seems worth it or is so far that’d I’d want to hit several countries and spend a couple months.  That nothing seems worth it is probably mostly because my last two trips gave me insight into why I travel.  Below is an excerpt from an email I sent a retired friend.

>Being a “tourist” is over-rated after a while. 

Yes.  Being a tourist was OK when I had 2 or 3 weeks a year to go play.  Usually spent a big chunk of that time snow skiing or backpacking, rock climbing, etc in 3-5 day long weekends.  I didn’t travel so much as I did vacations.  

Many travel to unwind, shop, lie in the sun and be pampered.  I’m retired, so the traveling is sometimes more stressful than the rest of my life.  Don’t shop or lie in the sun.  A wee bit of pampering goes a long way, besides it’s expensive.

So why the F am I traveling?  I credit the Vietnam trip with putting into sharper focus a question that started to emerge during the Malaysia – Singapore trip.  I used to travel (as opposed to take sports vacations) to do a specific thing at a specific place.  Now that I have the time my plans are way more generalized.  I’m learning that general doesn’t generate the same enjoyment as specific.  

But there are a lot of other variables: I’m getting older, have more time to travel but less money and I live where others vacation.  I knew something before I retired,  observed it in others since retirement, seen how it has helped me yet can only say I’ve danced around the edge: I need a purpose.  Expect once that happens other aspects of my life will become clearer, including where and why to travel. 

My passport expires in less than 6 months so I’m off to Bangkok soon (this week?) to get a new one.  May not know why I’m traveling or what the next destination is but I want to be prepared.
Going to Bangkok on Friday to renew my passport.

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