zzzPOP – Scream – Metallic Clatter – Blackout

Knew what happened as soon as the power went out.

One hundred and fifty yards away construction workers on a 3 story reinforced concrete building were adding the metal framed roof. The conventional means of getting material and equipment to the higher floors is to haul using a rope and pulley or hand up from floor to floor along the outside of the building. Yesterday saw workers passing metal beams floor by floor to the roof where the man then rotated it 90 degrees and carried it across the building. They were doing this on the only side of the building that had power lines nearby.

Walked outside my apartment after the blackout. Left my camera inside on purpose. Watched from the balcony as four workers squatted down, lifted a limp man and carried him out of sight.

Some expats grumble about worthless professional certificates, training and standards, sub standard materials, lack of inspections, exploitation of poor Burmese laborers all embedded in a culture of corruption. Others shrug and say This Is Thailand.


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