Rainy Season, Insects and Geckos

Two days of hard rain and the bugs are looking for dryer places to live. No ants in the apartment for months then I spotted scouts yesterday and today. They won’t be a problem as long as I clean up any food spills and keep crackers and other carbos in the fridge.

There are some new visitors this year, termites. Looks like they lost their wings crawling under the flap on the bottom of the screen door. Killed 4 in the last hour, will notify the landlord tomorrow.

First noticed the gecko last week and every day since then. They eat insects so they’re welcome to share the place, as long as they have the decency not to die inside some place where I can smell it but not find it.


3 Responses to Rainy Season, Insects and Geckos

  1. Rick Buotcher says:

    Hi there, as you know from my last reply I am an American, retired, married to a Beautiful Filipina (Priny) and we live in Asingna, Pangasinan, way north of Manila, up in the mountains with jungle all around. To put it simply, we live in the middle of Nature. Insects and bugs are indeed part of Nature but I understand your feelings. The way to control the insect and bug problem is to bring in an expert who will live in your house and just his presence will deter many insects and bugs. The Huntsman Spider do not make webs. They catch their pray with astonishing speed.

    Priny and I have a huge, 6 inches from leg to leg, Huntsman Spider living in our home. He has free run and our staff of housemaids have been instructed to not interfere or bother him in any way. The insect and bug problem we used to have is no more.

    Harry, yeah we gave him a name, is doing a great job. When he first came in the house he was only 4 inches across but now, as I said, he is about 6 inches across. Very big, very fast but non toxic to humans. I have had him in my hand a couple of times and he shows no aggression what so ever. I am sure that if I put him into a threatened position he would defend himself. But to come after us, no.

    I know he is a Male from the research I have done, he is very big but thin. The Female is, also big, but appears to be a bit chubby.

    For sure the thought of having a huge Spider running loose in your house sounds crazy, but Harry has really made a difference in Pest Control. Something to think about.


  2. Rick Buotcher says:

    So Sorry I let my memory slip and forgot that you were taken back about killing the Huntsman Spider if you had known better at the time.

    Not to worry, I will not let it happen again!


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