I Love the Smell of Tiger Balm in the Morning

Not really, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to refer to the movie Apocalypse Now.

A friend told me about a charity run/walk event that started before sunrise on top of Hin Lek Fai, also known as lookout mountain. Decided to do it mostly because it was something completely different in a life that is too much in a rut. Plus thought it might be fun to bring the cameras.

Some spent the night on the hilltop.

The early start was to keep the half marathoners from dying in the heat. They went off at 0530.

A new batch of runners left every 15 minutes, first the the 1/4 marathon division, next the 5k run and finally the 3k run and 3k walk.

I walked. In the back of the pack. The course was out and back on the same road. Turned around before 3k so I could walk back with my friend, though he left me in the dust once the hill got steep.

Flags for flagging spirits.

Free massage.

Free food.


One Response to I Love the Smell of Tiger Balm in the Morning

  1. adriandavao says:

    Hey Bill, I feel tired just looking at the photos …

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