I Wanna go to Japan

About the only benefit of putting off trip planning until it’s too late is I’m now able to think about a destination AND get motivated to do something about it farther ahead of time. Visiting Japan has long been on my bucket list. Now it’s motivating me to do enough planning to buy plane tickets for a trip in September.

I thought that would be the easy part. Itinerary is 2 to 3 weeks between Tokyo and Hiroshima. Fly into Tokyo, leave from Osaka or whatever other airport the budget airlines use. But then I noticed that a flight between Bangkok and Tokyo passes over Taiwan. Next door neighbor in Dumaguete spent a few years teaching English in Taiwan. His tales of the island intrigued me. So much so that I stopped looking at airfares to Japan and started researching Taiwan.

Problem is the part of the island I’m interested in, the sparsely populated east coast, has poor public transit. Travel sites say if you don’t have private transport the experience of the island’s natural wonders is substantially diminished. One can hire taxis by the day but that gets expensive even if one is splitting the cost among several people.

I think I’ve talked myself out of adding Taiwan to the Japan trip but it will take a few more hours of reading independent traveler’s blogs to actually let it go.


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