I Wanna go to Japan Part 2

I’ve picked the month (Sept.), airline, airports, cities and towns and some major sights. Ran the budget numbers and am OK with that. Found I can exchange Baht for Yen in Bangkok, something I’d do now as a hedge against a big change in the exchange rate.

Everything was a go to buy airline tickets. Then I looked at more detailed info about rainfall and found that Kyoto has more rain days in Sept. then I’d like. Rest of the destinations get rain in Sept. but on fewer days. Oh fudge, because Kyoto is the place I want to go to the most.

Considered time shifting the trip. Those options are less attractive. October and the month with cherry blossoms are high season for both Kyoto and Japan. Costs and crowds, both domestic and foreign, increase. Desirable accommodation must be reserved months in advance. Plus it would be too cold in October for this tropic adjusted skinny. August sees less foreign visitors because of the heat and humidity but many domestic ones because school’s out. I can handle living in that level of heat and humidity. Buzzing about all day in such weather would wilt me before noon. Winter is out of the question.

September it is. There is enough to keep me busy within a days journey (or less) from Kyoto that I can try to hit town at the beginning of a dry period. If that doesn’t work, so it goes.

Will buy the airline tickets tomorrow. Why not now? The apartment’s Internet connection slows to a crawl in the evening. Don’t want the web site to time out in the middle of a transaction.


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