Buying Japanese Yen in Hua Hin

Bought some Yen today. Thought I’d have to go to Bangkok for that.

The plan is to convert half the estimated in-country trip cost from Baht to Yen now as a hedge against the global economic shit storm causing a big shift in exchange rates against me between now and Sept.

Knew there could be some Yen from Japanese golfers available at the local banks. They visit Hua Hin because it has some of the best courses in the country. Also knew it would be totally hit or miss to find any during the low season.

Asked a few Yanks where they bought USD before their trips home. All said the same thing, Bank of Ayudhya. Popped in to their only branch in town. They had Yen in the largest denomination (10,000, ~$128) but told me I needed my passport to buy some. Who knew? Returned with it and enough Baht that it was difficult to close my tri-fold wallet (largest Baht note is 1000, ~$31).

Is the exchange rate better in Bangkok? Sure. The amount I would have saved by taking a day trip to Bangkok would have been 10 Baht (~$0.31) less than the cost of the 5 hour (if everything goes well) round trip in a cramped (guaranteed) mini van with marginal air conditioning and driven by a man who appears to have little consideration for traffic laws and less consideration for the laws of physics and thus drives as if he’s getting paid by the trip and wants nothing more than maximizing the number of completed trips.


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