Stay in Which Tokyo District?

Decided to make lodging reservations now for Tokyo because I want to spend at least 3 days there and that will include a minor national holiday, Keirō no Hi (Respect-for-the-Aged Day). First task is to decide which district. the The Tokyo rail system is huge, efficient with frequent trains. Didn’t think district would matter much as long as I was near a station.

But it’s easy to find discussions about ‘which district?’. Seems that district choice matters if one has the stamina to cram as many experiences in a day as possible. That’s not how I roll my suitcase. Proximity to many rail lines is mentioned often. Can’t argue with that except I’d expect such places to have higher population density. Another main reason given for picking a district is so one can walk someplace interesting at night. Makes sense, sort of. Given the variety of evening entertainment experiences in Tokyo wouldn’t it make more sense to try a different district each night? Far as I can tell the only downside is the last few trains are jam packed with drunks. I fade early so that’s not a problem.

Turns out most of the budget lodging is in two adjoining districts (according to one source but haven’t verified it yet). Sometimes I like it when my options are reduced to an easily manageable size.


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