Rabies: It’s Good To Know

Take your pick: this is either a public service announcement or an admission of how little I knew about rabies.

– Animals can transmit infection before they show symptoms.
– An infected animal’s saliva contains the rabies virus.
– Rabies can be transmitted via a bite or a lick from an infected animal.
– Once symptoms show in a human the odds of surviving even with state of the art medical care are remote.
– Symptoms can show in humans in as few as 2 days after infection.

Are you willing to bet your life that the local health care system can provide both rabies immune globulin and rabies vaccine within two days?

Thailand is covered with stray dogs, aka soi dogs. Thai Buddhists can make merit by feeding and caring for the dogs. My landlord, for example, took the two dogs that live in in the carport for rabies and other shots. Many of the soi dogs in my section of the street appear to have no care other than regular feeding.


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