Planning Japan: Car Museums

I like car museums. Never seen an automobile factory. First ideas for this trip included Hiroshima which I remembered was the home of Mazda Motors. Was stoked to see they had a museum but bummed because fitting it in required minor surgery to the trip route.

Then I found out the only way to do the museum and factory was as part of a tour. No individual poking around. Boo. I owned 3 Mazdas but also had a Datsun, Honda and a Toyota. Maybe they have museums.

Bingo. Toyota has two major league ones in Nagoya. Had already planned to get off the train there for a meal just to break up the trip’s longest train ride. Screw Mazda, I’m headed for Nagoya. That also means I can return the Western Honshu portion of the trip to it’s original optimal route.

Honda’s museum is a half-day train trip from Tokyo. Will check it out if the big city fails to dazzle – or I need a couple 90 minute train ride rests in the middle of a day.


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