Primed for Expat Re-Entry Shock?

Sites that sell services to potential expats sometimes have articles about Expat Re-Entry Shock, also called Expat Reverse Culture Shock. Never gave it much thought except as an attempt by them to sell another service. Then something trivial happened. I reacted by thinking is my memory going, was I simply preoccupied or had acculturation caused it? First reason is a bit scary, second is my typical state, third allowed me to consider re-entry shock as a possibility.

What happened? Waitress told me they were out of my first choice. Darn. Ample veggies keep my stomach acid quiet and my first choice had the most veggies. Thought about leaving because it had been too long since I’d had a pile of plant fiber but stayed because I also need some iron, of which my second choice had plenty. When the waitress delivered the order I Was Surprised to see it came with veggies. Surprised because it was one of my childhood favorites, because once I started cooking for myself I attempted to recreate mom’s version, because I made it at about once a month for most of my adult life until I left the US. Surprised as in ‘How the fuck could I have forgotten this dish always contains veggies?‘.

The dish in question:

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