Ignorance, Wishful Thinking, Numbskulls and Insurance

Been shopping for travel health insurance. Must have fumble fingered a new set of search terms into Google because this time I found sites with feedback from consumers and responses from the insurance company. Didn’t take long to confirm what I’d picked up as bits and pieces over the years: many of those with denied claims were idiots.

OK, that’s way too harsh, but what I wanted to say was too much to follow a colon. I need bullet points for this. In the vast majority of the cases I read the claims were not paid because:
– The policy didn’t cover it. Solution: read the policy before you buy it.
– The claim was not filed within the time limit. Solution: read the policy before your trip. Make note of what will be needed for a claim.
– The claimant didn’t gather the required documentation from the police or medical personnel because it was too difficult or time consuming. Solution: Understand that signing a contract means you agree to the terms & read the policy before your trip & make note of what will be needed for a claim.
– The claimant thought they should be cut some slack because they’re special. Solution: Get over yourself.
– The claimant thought their definition of pre-existing* conditions was the one that mattered. Solution: Find someone to teach you Life 101, then read the policy before you buy it.

Actually that last one is a little scary. Policies I’m considering state that one of the criteria for a pre-existing condition is when you haven’t had medical treatment for it because you didn’t know you had a medical problem but you should have known something wasn’t right. That’s scary because who gets to define ‘should’? Scary because some people don’t pay much attention to their bodies, or figure the problem is transient, or believe the body will correct itself because it’s a minor problem. How many of those people don’t see a doctor until the doc has to tell them something like ‘We’d have more options if you had come in 6 months ago’.

* What’s the difference between existing and pre-existing? Is the latter a term created by The Department of Redundancy Dept.?


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