Photos: Unloading the Catch

Ninety eight percent of the time the fishing boats I see at the pier are loading, unloading or just sitting there. Got lucky this time. Captured the same boat coming and going within 30 minutes.

The airborn orange trays will be filled with fish and ice.

The crew hauls old ice from the hold, runs it through a crusher, then dumps it somewhere else in the hold.

This did not compute. The boat leaves without all the crew.

Don’t know why they moved. Given the strength and direction of wind and wave, docking here will not be easy.

That’s why the crew was left, to fend off the boat if needed. They weren’t. The Capt. lined up one of his big fenders with a pier piling and nudged the pier. He then put the wheel hard over and hit the throttle. The unprotected bow came within a foot of the pier, the engine overcame momentum and the boat slowly pivoted. Well done, sir.

That’s a heavy dockline. He’s swings it to build momentum …

… then lets it go.

The net catches anything dropped during the boat to truck transfer.

‘Miller time’ is after work. Here they have an energy drink for what lies ahead.

Never hung around to see how long it takes to empty a fishing boat using this bucket brigade method. It’s a big boat, a big truck and the departing fishing boats are stacked with hundreds of empty trays.


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