Another Bangkok Pleasure Trip

Hua Hin has most of what an expat man needs, though usually with poor selection. Sometimes the quality is so poor that the only real option is an overnight road trip to Bangkok. Or two nights if my needs are strong because fatigue from that 2 1/2 – 3 hour minibus ride takes me off my game.

First Stop. Checked in to a hotel I hadn’t tried before. Figured the novelty of a new neighborhood would do me good. Showered then headed for one of the cities legendary destinations. Soon found myself in a narrow passage lined with distractions both expected and unexpected. Temptation was strong, but so was my focus on legs: long, slim and sleek. Spotted a forest of expensive beauties, moved in for a closer look. Best selection of name brand camera tripods I’d seen since leaving the US. Found the brand and model I was looking for. The Japanese manufacturer has a plant in Thailand so it cost less then the current sale price on Amazon.

Second Stop. Sadly picked my shorts off the floor, distrubed by what I had just done. Would regret follow? Would I forgive myself? But the camera and cell phone were undamaged after I missed the fitting room wall hook and dropped both to the bare floor.

Items marked with different sizes that have the same physical size is one of my first clues name brand clothing are fakes. The price was 3 times that of the cheaply made ones but the construction quality was far better. They didn’t fit so didn’t have to decide between expensive fakes and real cheap ones.

Fit? How did I know they fit? It’s simple. Cheap boxers arrive at the store in bulk pack. The staff clips them to hangers. Those aren’t display models, they’re for sale. Probably against the law in the US and against some people’s hygiene standards but as an expat one learns to do what you gotta do.

Total haul: 1 pound travel tripod, 2 pairs of boxers, travel power strip and a pair of long cargo pants.


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