Bangkok: Famous Scammer?

I was slow getting off the train platform because I’d stopped to transfer items between cargo pockets and backpack. The departing passengers were fairly thinned out by the time I headed for the stairs. “They stole my wallet!” a man exclaimed next to me. I turned, looked and simultaneously registered several red flags:
– He was holding open the cargo pocket to show me it was empty. Was that salesmanship?
– He had the vibe of a long-time Thai expat but the empty pocket was the least secure one among his many pockets on vest and cargo pants. Right.
– Why was so slow to get off the train? To time his ‘discovery’ next to one of the few farangs on the platform?
– He was in his 30s, had a shaved head, french accent and an athletic build. I’ve read online warnings about a guy matching that description using the ‘I’ve just been pick-pocketed’ story to ‘borrow’ money from foreigners in Bangkok.

He read my look, I kept walking.


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