Out – In, etc.

I am now free to move about the world. To keep my visa type valid one must obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand. Each time the 1000 B (~ $32) single use permit seemed the obvious choice. I mean, who knows how long it will be until I want to leave Thailand again. No way was I going to drop 3,800 b (~ $120) for unlimited out and in privileges. Until today.

It wasn’t a rash decision. One trip is T-minus 21 days and counting. Penang, Malaysia beckons again because I like the place and have barely scratched the surface. Made it to the Laos border last year, as planned, but didn’t plan on wanting to cross the Mekong. Couldn’t because because lack of visa and re-entry permit. Said ‘I’ll be back.’ and I intend to. The fourth trip is a toss up between the Balkans next spring or a Spanish speaking destination to be named later.

Four single re-entry permits cost more than a multiple permit. Easy to justify the cost that way. But that’s not why I did it. A ‘get off my ass’ mindset has taken hold. I choose the multiple version for the reason stated in the last 4 words in the quote printed on top of the passport page.

The date in the small magenta box means I’ve been given permission to stay in Thailand until Sept 13, 2013. The word ‘multiple’ in the large magenta box means I don’t have to.


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