OMG! What Happened to My Arms?

So much for the joke. The next one is serious and another testimony to the long term benefits of Thai massage.

Haven’t been able to do this since I broke my left arm and dislocated the elbow at age 16. Afterwords could still clasp fingertips with the right arm going overhead. Left arm overhead wasn’t even close.

That capability went away. Each shoulder, years apart, had Frozen Shoulder followed by physical therapy. After finishing physical therapy the last time I could touch fingertips.

How did I get to what you see in the second photo? Twenty months of Thai massage about 3 times a month. I’m back to the flexibility I had 42 years ago on one side. With the left arm over my head the flexibility is the best since the elbow dislocation. There’s time for one more massage session before going to Japan.


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