Japan Trip Plan B

In May of this year I planned fall travel with 3 major criteria: 1) Go someplace on my Bucket List, 2) Get out of Hua Hin for October, the wettest month, and 3) Less costly then a (reasonably) quickly gotten over initial jaw drop. Japan in Sept. was a close enough fit until illness struck.

Moving those 3 criteria to next spring works just as well. May is the worst month in Hua Hin. It’s both the hottest and the least windy. Even the long time resident expats who like the heat grumble in May.

Honshu Island in Japan is excellent in May. The cherry blossom crowds have gone, Golden Week is over and the weather is still mild. June weather is usually the same as Sept. but not quite as warm.

I could simply apply the Sept. plan to May or June. That’s not going to happen. Main reason is I’d planned an overnight in Takayama, one of the seven cities in the Japan Alps. Now I’ll look for seasonal reasons to spend more or less time there. Other big reason is many lodgings accept reservations only 3 or 6 months in advance.


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