Positive Aspects of Canceling the Japan Trip

These are listed from most important to least important.

Motivation acquired and retained. Eighty five days after returning from Vietnam a calender reminder told me it was time to go to Thai Immigration for 90 day reporting. What? It seemed way too soon. How could I have wasted that much time so easily? It was the final shove in motivating me to get off my ass and do the long lead time and long term items on the SE Asian section of my bucket list. Planning the Japan trip was a direct result. That same motivation overcame my illness enough to determine next May – June as the best time to reschedule the trip. I look at the shittly little tasks, ones that have been put off forever, that I completed while sick in the last two weeks and believe the motivation is here to stay.

The completed trip plan is waiting, ready to be inserted into any two week period not containing major holidaies.

Had hoped to learn some basic (Tarzan level) spoken Japanese before the trip but ran out of time. I will make time before next spring.

First time for me doing a finely detailed travel plan. Learned a few things which will make it easier next time.


2 Responses to Positive Aspects of Canceling the Japan Trip

  1. Antypasti says:

    lol @ tarzan level

  2. […] at making plans than carrying them out. But that was then, this is now. Last month I wrote about motivation acquired and retained. Motivation is still here but it’s now accompanied by the realization that it is possible to […]

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