Taking the Overnight Train to Penang Tomorrow

“But you were there last November. Why go again?”

Pick one or more of the following: Because I want to, it’s inexpensive, I need to get out of town, their Indian Food, it’s photogenic, I’ve seen just one part of one corner of the island, and I bought a multiple re-entry permit to make possible travelling out of the country on short notice.

Friday starts the first predicted multi-day window of good weather in Penang since I recovered from the illnesses. Made some loose plans this past week while waiting for the weather. Added one day to the leisurely schedule, purchased train tickets this afternoon and made guesthouse reservations for the first and last nights.

By 8pm on the night before a trip I’d usually have every thing organized in piles and bags ready to go into the backpack the next morning. After posting this I’ll start charging camera and netbook, open the generic trip preparation list and see what I can do in a couple of hours and not worry about what I can’t finish or forget. If I need something I’ll buy it there or do without. Such preparation would seem more spontaneous if one didn’t know tomorrow’s train leaves at 6:45pm.


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