New Achievements in Fatigue

Not as much sleep as needed so far on this trip. Part of it was behavior choices, doing things best not done before trying to sleep. Some of it was finding out on the same morning that my last unused pair of US made, industrial strength ear plugs lost most of the effectiveness the same morning I found there was a mosque next to the hotel. (Stayed there before, but on the other side. Who knew?), and pillows too high, too firm or both. The rest was from pushing myself in the heat and the hills and in the heat on the hills.

New times and ways to sleep:

First night in town I kept waking up. Body parts asked for attention, as usual. The sore hip and shoulder told me to roll over, brain wondered if it was morning yet and bladder said ‘now?’. Each time rolled over and was asleep immediately. Morning sounds intruded, quickly convinced me the sun had long since rose. Hip and shoulder were quiet, they knew I’d soon be vertical. Then the bladder said I’d best get vertical and ambulatory RIGHT NOW.

First time I’ve closed my eyes to concentrate on remembering a word from my Spanish deck of electronic flashcards and woke up to find the program timed out.

Closed my eyes while watching a downloaded TV show. Was sitting bolt upright because I didn’t want to fall asleep. Woke up before it ended. Back tracked to see what I missed only to find this was the episode after the one I thought I was watching. Missed the last 40 minutes of that hour episode.

Was washing my hands in the common area outside the guesthouse showers and bathrooms. Some cute young thing was hanging her minimalist undies up to dry. I was too tired to do more than glance at the movement in my peripheral vision. That’s good, as I’m OK with being the old guy in the guesthouse as long as it’s not the creepy old guy.


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