Going to Chiang Mai for a Few Months

I would be in Chiang Mai now if my laptop battery was healthy. It’s ability to hold a charge is declining rapidly. Local Toshiba dealers had batteries at high prices with long waits, ebay was 1/3 the price and 1/4 – 1/2 the wait. So I’m waiting for an express package delivery.

‘Wait a minute’, the observant reader thinks, ‘don’t you travel with a netbook?’ Yes. But I going to CM for several months. Couldn’t possibly put up with trying to do photo editing on the netbook for that long.

‘Wait a minute. Several months?’ Yes. Coulda swore I laid out the new plan in a blog post, but found it only in an email to a friend. The observant reader will note that I’m a lot better at making plans than carrying them out. But that was then, this is now. Last month I wrote about motivation acquired and retained. Motivation is still here but it’s now accompanied by the realization that it is possible to die of boredom in Hua Hin. I need to get out of here for big chunks of time.

Here is the plan.

  • Rent an apartment in CM beginning in mid October. Use it as a base camp between travels around northwestern Thailand but also spend substantial time in CM. Stay until the burning season tells me it’s time to leave. Should be around Feb 1. Who knows, I may become one of the many seasonal CM residents.
  • Spend Feb. – April in HH because it’s the best time of the year – dry, windy, few tourists, not too hot.
  • Travel outside of SE Asia sometime between mid April to mid June, thus avoiding May, the hottest time of the year in HH. Also means it will be spring, shoulder season or both in most places I’d like to go.
  • Ride out the SE Asia rainy season of July – Aug in not so rainy HH.
  • Spend some of Sept & Oct out of HH to avoid the worst rain.
  • Return to CM and start the cycle again?

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