How to Pack a Motorcycle Helmet

One carry-on sized backpack was full and closed, the other was mostly full, pending deciding what went into the day pack I’d bring into the bus. Looked at the pile of stuff that I could easily replace in Chiang Mai if it didn’t fit. All of it was staying put. Then I noticed the helmet sitting on the floor. Crap, I’d forgotten about it. What .. how .. where ..

I’d also forgotten it was going into a duffle bag AND forgotten I’d intended to pad it with clothes. (The helmet doesn’t need padding, but the face shield does.) Then I got an idea.

The helmet is sitting between the four legs of a plastic stool. That should keep any direct pressure from other luggage reaching the face shield. But the fit was sloppy, with nothing to keep the helmet from shifting and bumping the shield into a stool leg. What’s a former rock climber to do?

A figure-8 knot in each handle took out most of the slack. Two mini carabiners hold everything together snugly. Why 2? Because they came attached to flash lights purchased at the 19 baht ($0.61) store. I have trust issues.


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