Dormant Shopping Urge Awakes

Hua Hin has a small mall with limited selection in small stores charging high prices. Bangkok has many big ones but by visiting only those close to the light rail system I’ve seen just the ones designed for people who spend first and check prices later. Chiang Mai has in-between sized and priced shopping palaces. I knew that before coming here but didn’t expect the kid-in-a-candy-store effect it would have.

My shopping gene is overwhelmed in the best possible way – there is too much to choose from. There was one store selling htc phones last year in HH, with 4 models to choose from, none of which were the one I wanted. Central Airport Plaza in CM has a htc store with seemingly at least one of everything they make. Never saw a sheet music stand in HH, here, at the first musical instrument store visited, there were 2 models offered. No English language piano based music theory books in HH, a piano store here had an entire rack:

The North Face has a store in Bangkok. Outside that store everything I’ve seen with the North Face label were obvious fakes. Except today. Don’t know if they’re real or not, but they were very well made.

Came here expecting to stock up on long pants (it will soon be getting cold at night), t-shirts (many are wearing out) and boxers (finding reasonably priced cotton ones hasn’t been easy). Wonder what I’m going to find and buy when actually shopping with intent, and not just pausing on the way to a destination.


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