Photographing Morning Light

In Hua Hin, the usual morning haze over the Gulf of Thailand doesn’t motivate me to get up and out early with camera. It’s different in Chiang Mai. This is Wat Dab Pai:

This is Wat Santitham:

Both images are a bit out of focus. Between no coffee, forgetting to clean my glasses, trying to do all the manual adjustments while using the viewfinder and not the LCD screen, and it being too bright to see the resulting images well in the LCD, most of the shots were a bit out of focus and were sent straight to the trash can after uploading to the laptop. Oh well, I learned something and know where to go first tomorrow morning.

Sun Surveyor is an Android app that takes the GPS location and calculates the sun’s position for any time of any day. It came in handy when scouting locations that would receive the full blast of morning sunlight.

I found Wat Santitham (second photo) by coincidence. Boarded a Songthaew for a ride home. Only other passenger was a monk. He asked where I was from, then we talked until the driver pulled into the wat’s courtyard. I’d never seen a blue wat. The building’s position and orientation looked good but didn’t have time to turn on GPS and check Sun Surveyor. Just showed up the next morning and got lucky.


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