Coffee + Dessert = Bliss

Walking is the best way to get anywhere in Old Town Chiang Mai (the area inside the old city walls), unless you’re short on time, sunscreen or conditioning. I head there on a songthaew with a start point in mind but will also get off after passing by something interesting. Then I walk, usually intending to pass a specific point or two. Each corner is an opportunity for a piqued interest or my photo muse to say ‘go that way’. That’s how I found the cafe where baked goods + coffee = bliss. They serve food but I expect I’ll have to try all the desserts before starting in on the rest of the small menu.

There are plenty of places to find coffee and desserts. But most of the desserts are generic, heavy with corn syrup or sugar, made someplace that churns out goods aimed at the mass market. One doesn’t have to be much of a detective to notice which places either make their own or buy from bakeries who’s market is the rest of us. I’ve been to the cafe of bliss twice (no, I’m not going to mention it’s name). The first time it hit all the buttons except the sight and smell of baking on the premises. Second time: bingo.

It’s a small, comfortable place. I’ll be back.


One Response to Coffee + Dessert = Bliss

  1. Looks great – and I promise, if you guide me there, I shall likewise not divulge the identity of “Cafe Bliss”.

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