The Fish Cave

Arrived at the fish cave after a 500m walk through a park most towns would be proud of. Moments before I’d purchased a bag containing smaller bags of papaya, coconut, string beans and corn kernels. An elderly Thai woman, the only other visitor, tossed a handful of brown pellets into the water. The carp paid no notice. I tossed papaya, carp responded. She tossed pellets, carp ignored. I tossed coconut and it was instant feeding frenzy. She: Pellets, Carp: Watched them sink.

We’d exchanged a few words about carp food preferences, so I knew she spoke English. Turned to her and asked if she would like to toss the rest of my coconut. Biggest smile I’ve seen in since I don’t know how long. Made my day. The carp paid no notice.

That’s the famous fish cave. It’s said the carp enter an underground chamber where the feeding is good. Some discover later they’re too big to leave the chamber. The park is on the main road of the Mae Hong Son Loop. It’s a good place to stop for a snack, rest or potty break and feed the fish. Passed by this park on my 55 km (34 miles) motorbike ride yesterday.


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