Saved by the Hidden Bus Station?

Travelling at the Speed of Whim has a downside. Two nights of bad sleep plus from noon to sundown yesterday a seemingly unending series of small discomforts, failed communications, prices seemingly invented just for me, fundamental failures of customer service and sleeping surfaces best described as hard, lumpy or both, meant this morning’s plan was to see how soon I could get out of town. Not that I wanted to leave before doing the two things I came here for. It just seemed knowing what the options were would provide a feeling of accomplishment. At least that’s what I told myself.

So after breakfast I got on the bike for the 500 meter ride to the bus station. Noticed yesterday upon arrival it had a large, prominant sign so I made no other mental notes about how to find my way back. That was a mistake.

Tuesday morning is market day in Soppong. Somewhere behind those vendor stalls is a bus station. Took a while to locate it only to find it was closed. Hotel lady said it opens after the market shuts down around 1 or 2. Well, the coffee has kicked in, the sun is going to burn off the clouds, the largest cavern in Thailand beckons and I’m OK not knowing when I can get out of town because that won’t happen until tomorrow at the earliest.

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