Between Cloud Layers

Chiang Mai sits in a valley. A road up the western mountains starts climbing 4 km (2.5 miles) from my apartment. I’ve been up early often enough to know the road was almost traffic free before 6:30 so there was no reason not to get up early to photograph some morning light. Maybe I’d get lucky with Chiang Mai under low clouds then much of the ride in the clear until the road climbed into the second layer of clouds.

Taken from the lowest lookout point. Can you find the hot air balloons?

The road cut through towering land and trees, making it dark and damp until this bend.

Most people head up this road to visit Doi Suthep, the informal name of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It wasn’t open yet so I continued to cloudbase, which happened to be at Bhubing Palace. I’ll visit there someday under blue skies. Photo shows vendor stands across the road from the palace.

The clouds and sun were playing hide-n-seek when I returned to Doi Suthep. Found one subject that looked good in the dull light, and …

… hung out in another spot for 10 minutes waiting for light that wasn’t too dull or too bright.

Road about 45km that morning. It was easy. My body is adapting to longer times on the motorbike faster than I’d expected. Still, it’s not time yet to start planning a road trip.


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