Hua Hin … Is this all there is?

Something that had to be taken care of in person brought me back to Hua Hin for 2 days. On the morning of day 2 I headed straight to Lucky’s for both my breakfast of choice and conversation with the owner and some of the other regulars. One man has lived and worked in 4 countries, including Thailand. He’s mostly retired, occasionally seeking short term work in his lifelong profession, occasionally responding to requests for the same from people he knows.

He asked what I liked about Chiang Mai. First thing I mentioned was the novelty, new things almost every day, something that I need and doesn’t happen in HH. He asked if I planned to live there. No, but I think I’ll return for the winters because I know I can’t spend all year in HH. Expanded a bit on my intent to use HH as a base camp. He said he’d been thinking about HH and concluded ‘Is this all there is’? I knew what he meant.

Loyal readers of this blog may have noticed the subtitle recent changed from ‘An expat looking for a place to settle’ to ‘An expat mostly settled in Thailand’. Living in Thailand is easy and comfortable (long stay visa, safe, great value for money, low cost, extensive travel infrastructure, excellent food, world class health care) for a retired expat. HH is my first choice in Thailand because of my respiratory health issues require cleanish air. I’m not settled because it’s too small of a place to provide some of the life experiences I need.

There is a saying in the US that goes something like ‘How are you going to keep them on the farm after they’ve seen the big city?’. I understand better now. Knew before I arrived that people said it’s possible to die of boredom in HH. Didn’t think it would be a problem for 2 reasons. First is I’ve always had engrossing activities that I can do anywhere. The current and recent ones are photography, photo editing, reading, computer programming (and arguing with idiots on the Internet 🙂 Those are enough to prevent boredom but I need more now that I’m not programming all day 5 days a week.

Second reason is after a lifetime of adventure sports there isn’t much else I want to try. Besides, having allowed my fitness to decline means it would be a major commitment to get back into enough shape just to try something like kite-boarding. Thought I’d gotten the need for new adventures out of my system or that living in a foreign country and traveling would provide all the adventure. Maybe it can. Maybe learning Thai and more traveling would make the time in HH not seem like it was missing something significant.

Six weeks in Chaing Mai has added to the motivation to pursue the plan I’ve already outlined. This post is an observation and explanation of a realization, not a complaint or a whine.

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