One Advantage of Procrastination

Came to Chiang Mai with enough T-shirts and shorts to go about 4 days between laundry runs, expecting to replenish my supply of fading and worn clothes. That didn’t happen until yesterday partly because finding items of reasonable price and quality that are 100% cotton hasn’t been easy. But mostly it’s because of procrastination.

Yesterday I bought two T-shirts. Would have also bought 2 long sleep T-shirts from the same store but was short on cash. Today riding to breakfast it was cold. Like somebody threw a switch, cold front passed through type cold. Like I can’t feel my fingertips cold. Like too cool in the shade at 9:30am for T-shirts and shorts cold.

Of course I brought some long pants from Hua Hin. One pair. Two if you count the scrubs pants. I’m packing up the computer and going clothes shopping as soon as I hit send. I’m glad I didn’t stock up on shorts yesterday.


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