Still Haven’t Learned the Lesson 30 Years Later

Where: Southern California
When: Long Ago
What: Clothes shopping

September is the hottest month in Southern California. By mid August my collection of several year old shorts was too motley even by my low standards. Went shopping, returned home empty handed because the only shorts left were the remainders of the leftovers. Didn’t understand why coats, wool, sweaters, long sleeves, etc. were everywhere. Grumbled to a couple female friends, who got a good laugh at my cluelessness. With both clothes and shopping low priorities, I’d either never noticed that seasonal clothes appeared a month or so before they were first needed. If you read the previous post, you already know where this one is going.

It’s not like I didn’t see the signs. On Nov 3 these two poodles I’d previously spotted in a window were now wearing winter gear. Sent the photo to my friend with a delightful standard poodle.

There was plenty of jeans and ‘100% cotton’ khakis which felt like poly blends. The stock of long pants that met my criteria (cargo pockets, 100% cotton, at least halfway decent construction and material heavy enough so the garment will survive a few dozen wash and wear cycles and maybe stop a bit of wind) was well picked over. Not that there was much of a choice to begin with. But I found a pair, bringing my total of such garments owned to 2.

Unfortunately both are the Camel Active brand, made by a German company and sold throughout Europe and much of Asia. Why is that a problem? Their Facebook page describes the brand as “camel active stands for masculine and casual sportswear outfits with a rugged appeal“. I know I’m not butch enough to carry that off. Maybe I should have picked a pair that fit tighter.


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