Face Lost, Saved, Lost and Saved?

Eighteen baht displayed twice on the register. Should have been 15. I’ve purchased this OTC medication enough times from the same source to know. Ever the diplomat (ha!) I asked if that was 18b I saw. Without checking the register tape the pharmacist said yes. OK, no big deal I thought, I’ll check the price before taking this to step 2.

Walked ten feet and verified the price was 15b. Looked up, saw the pharmacist was watching me, motioned her over. “OK” she said. Did she just lose face?
We returned to the register, she corrected the overcharge, handed me the difference. I asked for the receipt but she told I couldn’t have it. WTF? I thought. Never mind, I’ll let her have the little victory over the foreigner. That attitude changed after I got home and found the meds were not in the bag. WTF!

I needed the meds so I walked the 10 minutes back to the shop. Asked her if I accidentally left the meds on the counter. No, she said, then walked to the shelf, picked up the meds, returned to me and with a big smile said ‘no charge’ or something equivalent. I’m not sure if that counted as face saving or another small victory over a foreigner or both. Not that I care. I do care that prices on the register match those of the shelf, have cared since bar codes first appeared decades ago.


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