Motorbike Ride: 101 Kilometers and a Near Miss

I was ready to turn back because of the expected fatigue which would accumulate by the time I got home. The engine buzzing had done a job on my hands, feet and butt. Just needed a landmark for the turn point so the next time there would be the satisfaction of going farther. It seemed the road would crest soon, that would do. In the mean time I tried not to think about that appealing place for lunch 10 km back.

The road hit the ridge top. As expected there was a place to pull off. Wasn’t surprised to also see a sign but the content made me think ‘What tha … have I really gone that far?’.

Opened the map, switched on GPS and went to Google maps. Found I was just about half way around the 100km loop. Rode 2 more kms to a viewpoint, took a rest and some photos.

Thought briefly about returning the way I came vs. finishing the loop. The road ahead was said to be less scenic and usually with more traffic. But it was the road unridden so it was the only choice.

Didn’t plan it this way. Went out for a ride to shoot some photos, enjoy the twisty road and build up my tolerance for longer times in the saddle. Figured I’d go out 30 – 35km, have lunch and turn back. I guess miles fly by when you’re having fun. Kilometers too. Time to start thinking again about a multi-day trip on the motorbike.

About that near miss. While in a long, downhill, 50km right hand turn I spotted 4 closely bunched cars trudging up the hill. Wasn’t until I was almost upon them when I saw the small truck passing them all in a single go. On a blind curve. In my lane. Closing fast. Reflex, muscle memory and riding intentionally in the outside of the lane allowed me to swoop around him, emotions caused me to simultaneous yell an expletive at the driver.


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