D’oh! v Shade

Is there a conventional way to describe intentionally becoming less tan?

Fading? No. In California beach culture of my day a tan faded through neglect or poor lifestyle choices. De-tanning? That’s a stupid as saying ‘de-installation’ instead of ‘remove’. Desaturated? Few outside the visual arts would understand. Lightening or whitening? Works in a detergent ad but problematic otherwise. SPFing With Extreme Prejudice? That’s just silly.

What’s not silly is my commitment to daily spraying SPF 30 on my exposed bits. Started doing so when I came to Chiang Mai because of spending more time outside, especially at mid day. Kept it up on a daily basis even when the anticipated time outside was less than an hour. The results were slow coming but are now obvious.

These last few years in the tropics have been an exception to my sun protection habits. Can’t really say why I eased up on the protection. Before retirement I was rockin’ big brimmed hats, long sleeves, long pants, and, at high altitudes, light gloves before anyone ever heard the term SPF.

Why? By my mid teens I’d spent enough time around boats to see how fast the sun could fade and then destroy a canvas cover. Next was meeting some of the original post WW2 California surfers, men and women who still spent all day on the beach many weekends a summer. Their mahogany colored skin had cracks deep enough to sew seeds in and hung off them because the elasticity was (dare I say it) toast. Since then I’ve tanned only enough for protection against accidentally getting too much sun.


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