I’ll Never Be YOUR Beast of Burden

But I’ll carry my stuff as long as I’m able. This 4 pack load was rather easy because the walk from the tuk-tuk to the bus platform was 40 yards at most. Had help with two of the bags between my room and the tuk-tuk. The only difficult part was keeping the front pack on while lifting a bag in each hand. It’s hard to see in the full length photo but I am wearing a red back pack in the proper position.

Why so much luggage? Arrived in town with 2 carry on back packs, a day pack and a laptop bag. Replaced the day pack with a larger day pack, one that can carry what I needed for a long day trip on the motorbike. The green duffel bag came to Chiang Mai empty. It went home full because I purchased a full face motorcycle helmet and some clothes.


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